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Engineer Builds A Real-Life Portal Turret

If ever there was a perfect defensive weapon, it would be a turret with a voice so soothing and design so minimalistically innocent, you feel guilty about murderously destroying it.  We have Portal to thank for that; but we are now one step closer to this being a reality, as a budding engineer has built a real-life version of this stationary weapon.

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Music video celebrates iPhone Games with Real-life versions

Have you ever wondered what iPhone Games looked like in real life?  Neither did we; but Hey Geronimo have answered peoples' aforementioned wonderment with their music video titled 'Why don't we do something?'

We see the likes of Fruit Ninja, Plants vs Zombies, Cut The rope (cutest rendition), Flight Control and the classic Angry Birds.  Unsurprisingly, it went viral pretty rapidly, and reminds us everso of Le Internet Medley.  It seems that pop culture is changing...into birds killing pigs and death wishes against fruit.  Take a look below.

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