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GTA III Storms Onto Mobile Devices, Lavished With Praise

Rockstar Games today released Grand Theft Auto's controversial 3D debut on the App Store and Android Marketplace in celebration of the game's ten-year anniversary.

Essentially defining the sandbox genre, GTA III reaped huge praise at launch, despite the subsequent controversy it provoked from mainstream news outlets and the general public. Here was a game in which players could car-jack ordinary members of the public, commit atrocious acts of violence and have unsolicited sex with prostitutes – far from the delights of other games from that year; Pikmin, Sonic Adventure 2, Ico.

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Humble Indie Bundle 4 released in time for Christmas

Gamers are a tricky bunch to buy for around Christmas. Now, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and Battlefield might be totally different properties to you and I, but try telling that to your nan. She has the unenviable task of picking out this year's must-have from a shelf full of has-been shooters and copy-cat clones. No wonder you end up with the wrong game under the tree. Oh, and when they do get it right, it's most probably for the wrong console. Try again next year.

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Facebook Timeline releases today

No more posing as a developer to get access to what's been two months in holding.  The Facebook Timeline is beginning it's rollout today.

This new visual upgrade seems remeniscent of infographical design, as all your interactions with the service from wall posts to music listens, likes and everything else are combined into one page stream, making older content easier to get to (beyond the 'see more stories' grey bar).  

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WHSmith releases 7-inch Android colour tablet.

WHSmith seems to have grown rather out-of-date as of late.  As a brand around here, except for the Smiths at Lincoln and Notts train stations, are starting to become rather overlooked.  So to bring itself back into Christmas contention, they've released the Kobo Vox: a 7-inch Android powered tablet (hello Kindle Fire).

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GarageBand released on iPhone and iPod Touch

Simply put, we'd feel a tablet interface would be the most practical that a touch version of GarageBand could get.  Seems as if we were wrong, according to Apple who released a version for iPhone and iPod Touch today.

Apple's music app has let anybody from experienced musicians to teens who think they can play an instrument create and record their own music ever since its iPad release in March of this year (much earlier on OS X). Now GarageBand 1.1 is out as a universal app with support for small iOS screens.

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New Humble Bundle out today

The third in Wolfire Games' Pay-what-you-want indie game selections released today, titled the Humble Voxatron Debut.

Just one game this time: Voxatron, a voxel-based platformer-shooter with open-source support for content generated by the user.  The game has been released in a Minecraft-like alpha state, with those buying the game guaranteed access to all of developer Lexaloffle's future content updates.

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