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Apple accidentally releases "Gamestore" app, then removes it


Apple haven't exactly been 'on the ball' lately with keeping stuff under wraps, and today has been no exception.  Apple accidentally published an app titled 'Gamestore' to the iTunes app store, and removed it pretty soon after.

The app was discovered by Florian Schimanke on December 31st, and seems to be (as hinted to by the name) a store for games.  The description was rather sparse: "This application allows you to buy different things from within the app."

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Megaupload promotional music video gets pulled

It's kind of surreal to see the likes of Kanye West, Mary J. Blidge, Will.I.Am and Kim Kardashian performing in a promotional music video for file sharing site Megaupload; but that's exactly what's happened, which was faced with an immediate removal by Universal Music Group.

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