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#1ReasonWhy: Women Expose Sexism In The Video Game Industry On Twitter

Female video game fans, writers and professionals have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on gender discrimination, online sexual harassment and inequality in the gaming world.  It started over 24 hours ago, in response to Twitter user @Burning_Luke asking, "Why aren't there more female game creators?"  

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Pointless Sexism Of The Day: SomNote is 'Evernote For Women'

If, like me, you're a girl who just adores her gadgets and gizmobops, then there's a new App especially for you! Full of pretty colours and a whole host of features that you can get on only hundreds of other Apps, SomNote is the only way to sync notes and photos to the cloud without you getting your pretty little head all a flutter with big words, pictures that don't have smiley faces and sentences that don't end with exclamation marks!

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