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Origin Story Of Darth Maul Told Through Amazing Fan-Made Star Wars Short Film

You may hate The Phantom Menace, but Darth Maul was one hell of an interesting character. He was an amazing Sith lord with a fresh look and opened our minds to the possibility of a cracking villain for the prequel trilogy (Belated Media agrees). However, these were struck down in a cheap early death that meant he lived up to half his potential (pardon the pun). Luckily, this sin has been absolved by an incredible 17-minute feature named Darth Maul: Apprentice - A Star Wars Film.

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#NRMPresents 'SATURDAY.' A Short Film About The Hillsborough Disaster

From the most dedicated of Liverpool fans to those who don't watch football, everyone is aware of the Hillsborough disaster of 1989.  Of the 24,000+ fans who travelled to Sheffield that day, 96 never came home. 'SATURDAY' aims to tell the story of this tragic event from a unique perspective.

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'The Carp And The Seagull.' A Haunting Interactive Short Film

Designer Evan Boehm has launched the interactive film The Carp and the Seagull: an innovative Web-GL-Driven video that has been described "an experiment in space and user-driven narrative".  This haunting, folktale-inspired journey between two overlapping worlds is told by rotating the scene, to reveal new insights and perspectives.

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'Enter The Freeman:' Amazing Half-Life Short Film

Machinima has always been a slightly ropey industry in terms of material to be taken seriously beyond sniping montages and comedy sketches.  There have been some amazing pieces of work, such as Mortal Kombat Legacy; but we were still waiting for that true depiction of the Half-Life universe in film.  Enter The Freeman: possibly one of my favourite Youtube clips all weekend realises this dream of mine.

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'Sight:' The Dystopian Future Of Wearable Computing

Wearable computing is close to part of the technological mainstream.  Google are just two years off releasing Glass, and Apple have begun filing patents to ensure yet another campaign in the courts throughout the life of augmented reality.  But what is the future of this emerging technology?

The answer could be rather dystopian, as a short film produced by a group of Israeli shows.

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