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'Playfun' Computer Program Teaches Itself To Play NES Games

Tom Murphy has created a computer program that learns how to play classic NES games on its own.  The software, named 'Playfun,' uses pre-recorded snippets of gameplay and its own emulator to determine the best course of action when faced with obstacles, teaching itself along the way.

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'SimSensei.' Xbox Kinect Software Detects Depression With 90% Accuracy

The Kinect for Xbox 360 has always been a bit of a playground for modders and techies, and a team of Computer scientists at the University of Southern  California run by Stefan Scherer have used the device to determine, with 90% accuracy, whether or not you are depressed.

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'We Know Your House' Shows How Many People Reveal Their Home Address On Twitter

It's fair to say people have used social media to the point of realising exactly what they should or shouldn't share for the sake of their online safety.  But that doesn't seem to have stopped people revealing their home addresses, as the social experiment demonstrates.

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