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Father Hacks Son's Power Wheelchair To Let Him See The World

Father Shea wanted to help his 2-year-old son Alejandro discover the world.  Suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, his movements are severely limited and confined to a wheelchair.  So they look into power wheelchairs, and discover the health insurance wouldn't cover one for another five years.  Disgusted by this, Shea decided to go out and build one himself, allowing Alejandro to go out and explore.

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Father tries to sell son on Facebook for £13 million

This must have come as quite the shock for the son of father and failed businessman Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry from Saudi Arabia, as he found himself on sale for £13 million on Facebook.

The dad claims he was financially stretched, as the local court ruled his debt-collecting firm illegal.  He asked for financial help and was denied because of being over the age of 35.  After all of this, for the sake of taking care of his wife and daughter, he claimed the only option was to auction his son on the social network, to offer a decent life to his mother and sister rather than living in poverty.”

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