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Infographic: Cash. Apple's got it

So after Apple's Quarterly profits report, it's fair to say that the old saying 'made of money' goes some way to describing the state of the company at the moment.  It seems rather difficult to question just how far $400 billion could really be used, likened to asking similar questions such as "how long is a piece of string?"  If split evenly, how much can Apple pay each of it's employees?  How much of this money is 'reserve cash?'  And, most interestingly, how many countries' worth of public debt can the reems of profit pay off?  All this and more in our favourite infographic of the moment, courtesy of

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Facebook Takes Clickjacking Suspect To Court

Ever clicked on a Facebook link and found it shared to your profile, projected to your reems of friends without your prior permission to share said link?  Clickjacking has been a rather nasty thorn in the sides of many-a-user of the social network, and Facebook aren't going to take it anymore, as they take Washington-based marketing company Adscend Media to court over accusations of unwanted spam-causing practice.

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Apple's Tim Cook: The Man who earned £464 per minute in 2011

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has earned a pay package worth a staggering $378m (£244m) in 2011. Taking home £1.8 million in salary and performance bonus during the year – quite the generous sum itself we'd agree – that figure is eclipsed by the value in shares he was granted by Apple's board upon taking over from the late Steve Jobs in August. 

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