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Enter 'The World Of The Willows.' New Crowdfunded Thriller Shows How Life Ends At 20

In what appears to be another low budget sci-fi/thriller, 12 students from the University of the West of England are making The World of The Willows, a film that could be lumped into the same amateur bracket of many student short films. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

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The brainier you are, the more Facebook friends you have

The bigger it is, the more you have.  Puns aside, a study concluded with a correlation between the mass of your brain size and the amount of Facebook friends you have. 

In the time people have argued between Facebook and Google+, Researchers at the University College of London donned the white coats and spectacles to investigate whether having a hissy fit over the Internet being bad for humans is really necessary.  

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