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Tech Review: Samsung Galaxy S3

It'd be safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has had a tumultuous journey to launch. Following frenzied speculation, rumour and everything in-between; a whole host of alleged 'leaks'; and a manufacturing hiccup that threatened to take the shine off the worldwide launch, the S3 has now lifted the crown from the iPhone 4S in claiming to be the UK's most popular smartphone. But does the S3 really merit the year-long wait from its 20 million-selling predecessor, the S2, and just how worthy is it in toppling the might of Apple's iPhone?

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Is This Really The Samsung Galaxy S III? 'Tinhte' Goes Hands-On

Before you all cry foul that yet another Samsung Galaxy S III alleged leak has been spotted and feel implied to scroll further down this page for a link to the next story, hear me out here. Now I'm as tired of ill-informed rumours as the next man, but this might well be the most authentic early look at Samsung's long-awaited follow-up to the crazily-popular Galaxy S II. Still two weeks from its official reveal, Vietnamese site has had extensive hands-on time with what it claims to be the S III, and has posted a rather thorough demonstration video online.

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