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Ofcom Approves Everything Everywhere's Bid To Launch 4G In The UK Within Weeks

Just a day after Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt promised the UK will have the fastest broadband of any major European country by 2015, telecoms regulator Ofcom has now granted approval to Everything Everywhere – owners of Orange and T-Mobile – that will allow the company to launch 4G ahead of schedule.

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Editorial: Apple Is Not The Company That Stands Up To The Carriers

I've noticed a frame narrative over the past few months that crawls out of the woodwork whenever Apple's dealings with the carriers is discussed. Apple is frequently held up, either explicitly or implicitly, as the company that fights the carriers. In this superhero-esque tale, Apple goes to bat for the little guy whenever they are forced to talk to the scum at Verizon or AT&T. They are the chosen one, the one that will free us from the overhanded reign of the carrier and finally turn our networks into the dumb pipes they really are. Need evidence? Look no farther than the lack of carrier branding or software. Apple really, really cares. 

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T-Mobile Twitter Campaign Shows That #BritainLoves Hating The British

So T-Mobile have launched a Twitter promotional campaign, surrounding the hashtag #BritainLoves, to promote it's new 'Full Monty Plan' contract option.  However, very much like RIM's attempt at cracking the metaphorical nut that is Twitter marketing with #BeBold, and McDonalds' #McDstories, the situation may have gone everso slightly ary.

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