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A Reaction To The Hobbit's HFR 3D

With 48 RED EPIC cameras to its name (each assigned a name, from Witchy-Poo to Walter), the production of The Hobbit marks not only the first time Peter Jackson has stepped into the world of live-action 3D but represents, potentially, the dawn of a new cinematic standard: 48 fps.

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Filmography 2012: Every Movie Of The Year Cut Into One Trailer

Vampire-hunting presidents, foul-mouthed teddy bears, twisted slave drivers, a caped crusader, 007, unexpected journeys, a romantic take on the end of the world and...The Avengers. Still believe 2012 was a dud year for film?

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Early Press Screening For The Hobbit Fails To Wow Critics, 48fps Is A Killer

He might have served ever-faithful fans of the source material, the more po-faced critics of the film world - The Return of the King was the first fantasy film to win Best Picture, remember – and New Line Cinema with his ambitious adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's epic fantasy trilogy The Lord Of The Rings, but Peter Jackson faces an uphill struggle to appease them all with trilogy prequel double-header The Hobbit if early reactions to press screenings are to be believed.

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