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Angry Birds To Receive Its Very First UK Theme Park, In Retford...

Angry Birds truly is taking over the world. The brand is literally everywhere you look; from lunch boxes, to backpacks, toys, plushies and the birds' very own cartoon series. Heck, even F1 and Caterham’s Heikki Kovaleinen sports the face of the angered red fowl. But that isn’t all, because the Angry Birds phenomenon has swept across the world with licensed theme parks. Now, the UK is set to welcome its very own.

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A Galaxy Far, Far Away Is Coming To Disneyland Paris, Allegedly

Where do you go after a film saga's original theatrical run, numerous director's cuts, alternate scenes, CGI updates, 3D conversions and an endless production line of tie-in videogames, toy figures and licensed merchandise? If you're George Lucas, you turn your sights on bringing the people a chance to experience the universe first-hand with a Star Wars-themed land in Disneyland Paris.

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