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BBC Celebrates 90 Years Of Innovation By Asking 'Where Next?'

The BBC has become iconic in British culture and worldwide media.  To celebrate over 90 years of innovation, they have launched a new campaign telling the story of broadcasting, engineering and technological progress since 1922.

The 60-second launch film shows a timeline throughout the Beeb's broadcasting history, using archive footage of highlight significant milestones and moments in television.  Combine this with a mixture of animation techniques and an original musical composition formed from non-instrumental sounds, including finger-tapping, footsteps, heavy-breathing & singing, and you have something that sums up the corporation rather nicely.

"The BBC is innovating for everyone and we hope this powerful untold story will capture the imagination of audiences and make them wonder…'where next?'"  Philip Almond, Director of Marketing and Audiences said.

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How To Get Rid Of Facebook Timeline

So Timeline has been rather polarizing in terms of thoughts and opinions about it's design and functionality.  Some accepting this complete renovation with open arms, warming positively to the 'scrapbooking' mentality of the implementation, whereas others detest this idea of yet further effort and attempts at expansion beyond the primary (and for most solitary) uses of sharing and communicating.

We already gave our thoughts about Timeline, and why it easily creates a love/hate relationship with the user; but what about those still unimpressed?  What about those who clicked without consideration of the overhauling effects it entailed?  What about those forced by the recent obligatory change, who want a revival of the 'old times?'  Well we've got your back, with our guide about the matter.

Bare in mind, this only affects what you see, it doesn't reverse your Timeline (or anybody else's Timeline) to it's old state on a mass public scale.  This formula utilises a tricking an identification code your browser sends to any website visited within it: the 'user agent.'  

See, if you're reading this and using facebook within Internet Explorer 7, then chances are you have no idea what the big fuss is about, since it doesn't support Timeline, Ticker, or any of the recent updates that have fallen to the disdain of many-a-user.  With this in mind, the concept is simple: if your browser impersonates IE7 with it's 'user agent,' you won't see another Timeline again, and with a file download (plus an extra app to clean up the experience), that's possible and really rather easy.

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Facebook Timeline releases today

No more posing as a developer to get access to what's been two months in holding.  The Facebook Timeline is beginning it's rollout today.

This new visual upgrade seems remeniscent of infographical design, as all your interactions with the service from wall posts to music listens, likes and everything else are combined into one page stream, making older content easier to get to (beyond the 'see more stories' grey bar).  

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Infographic of the day: iPod and iTunes Timeline
It's true what is said, the transforming of data into presentation can be done to a point that it begins to look like art.  This is a prime example of this.  Displaying the key items in the timeline of the iPod hardware and the iTunes software which integrated with it.  A clock chart iconifies all the key time landmarks, along with a few key facts about downloads and sales at the bottom.  An ideal output of the numbers from the Steve Jobs era of Apple products.  Thanks Filip Chudzinski!
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