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Weekend Reading: Gadget Show Live Christmas, Real-Life Transformers And Portal On A Calculator

Let's be honest, it's a Sunday and everyone is feeling one of two conditions: hungover or extremely lazy.  Since I'm feeling both of these, I shall be brief.  The last thing you want to do is go on a content discovery mission through our vast back catalogue of original news, reviews, interviews and features.  So, with this in mind, welcome to 'Weekend Reading.'

This is a selection of pieces on New Rising Media from the week gone by, compiled by the Editor-in-chief (the hungover man, me), which you may have missed, or fancy reading again.

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MIT Invents Shape-Shifting Robots. Small Step Towards Real-Life Transformers

This device, known as a milli-motein, doesn’t look like much more than something you'd find in a home-workshop drawer.  But this millimeter-sized set of motorized components inspired by proteins may be a harbinger of real-life Transformers, with the ability to naturally fold themselves into incredibly complex shapes.

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Robots Terrorise LA In Found Footage Teaser '2088'

Having proven his worth in visual effects on the likes of The Matrix Reloaded and The Polar Express, Steven Ilous of VFX house SMI Entertainment is now set to cause a stir in Hollywood all of his own. He's behind 'found footage' teaser trailer 2088, a proof-of-concept piece for a science-fiction film set in the futuristic, gritty, neon-trimmed streets of Los Angeles.

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