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Five Charged In Case Of Boy Who Sold Kidney For iPhone

A surgeon and four others have been charged for illegal organ trading in China following an illicit transplant operation which took place last year on a teenage high-school student, who since has been taken critically ill and is suffering from kidney failure. But this is no ordinary case of illegal organ harvesting: the 17-year old high school student was propositioned to undergo the surgery on an online chat room and had intended to use his profits from selling one of his kidneys to buy, and we're not making this up, an iPhone and iPad.

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3D-Printed Lower Jaw Used In Jaw Transplant Surgery

Showing the technology is not just limited to producing physical 3D models of your in-game avatar or other worldly creations – as our look at Mineways delves into; recreating your favourite Minecraft builds into model form – 3D printing continues to astound us in its real-world applications. Now, said to be the first operation of its kind, doctors in the Netherlands have successfully completed an 84-year old woman's jaw transplant by replacing her existing lower jaw - said to be inflicted with chronic bone infection - with a patient-specific, 3D-printed, titanium-based replacement.

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