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The Science Of How Comment Trolls Influence Your Opinion

It's almost second nature to expect a series of trollish comments below any science story published on the internet.  Generally, we like to think that these responses don't influence us; but this couldn't be further from the truth.  New research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that their tone can actually impact readers' opinions about the subject of the article.

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Notorious Reddit Troll Looks For Employment In The Porn Industry

He was behind the popular aggregating website's most egregious and downright perverted subreddits – including but not limited to r/rapebait, r/incest and r/jailbait – and is now of the most notorious Internet trolls since being outed by Gawker. But now having lost his job and apologised for the majority of his online actions, 'Violentacrez' is looking for employment in the porn industry. And he's using his 'credentials' as a Reddit moderator to get him there...

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Podcasters Out To Troll Fifty Shades Of Grey With Crowd-Sourced Sex Novel

The staggering success of erotic novel Fifty Shades Of Grey is one sure to baffle reading trends analysts', let alone this twenty-something male. But for two US podcasters, the rise in popularity of the sex novel just had to be exploited...

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BBC Tracks Down An Internet Troll

Trolling.  We're all victims (and some of us perpetrators) of such internet activity.  And while there is a wide variation of severity on the scale of what would be considered to be trolling, it became part of the discourse in yesterday's campaign against cyber-bullying, titled 'Safer Internet Day.'  This expanded to an episode of Panorama, which managed to trace the location of infamous troll Nimrod Severn, and track the real man down for an 'ambush' interview.

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Trololo man makes a comeback

Thirty-five years on and he's still got it.  Eduard Khil, a.k.a Trololo man makes his viral encore, yodeling to his heart's content.


As you probably already know as a second language, the 1976 clip from Russian TV of this fantastically cheesy singing individual became a massive viral hit on Youtube in early 2010.  Turns out Eduard took note and returned promptly to the big time, not forgetting a single lyric or melody nuance in his time out.

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