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Students Create Sense-Enhancing Headsets. See The Invisible, Hear The Inaudible

Ever wanted to see the invisible, and hear the silent? So has Tim Bouckley and a team of students at the Royal College of Arts in London, who have created two pieces of experimental equipment to vastly improve your senses of sight and sound. These two devices combine Project Eidos, in no way related to this Eidos.

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Grab Your Wellies, The Inbetweeners Sequel Is In The Works

Just when we all thought our only way to experience the joy of new Inbetweeners was with that god-awful US remake of the very British comedy (if you've not seen the trailer yet, it's actually painful to watch), co-creator of the original Brit show, Damon Beesley, has confirmed that a sequel to last year's film is coming.

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Facedeals Checks You In Automatically With Facial-Recognition Cameras

A new Facebook application, which uses cameras installed at participating businesses across the globe and special facial-recognition software that ties into your online profile, will soon allow you to 'check-in' on the social network without so much as picking up a smartphone.

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O2 Responds To Infuriated Network Users On Twitter. Perfect Crisis Management

So O2 haven't exactly been the most reliable network over the last couple days.  A huge amount of customers have been affected by the network outages across the country, so many have taken to Twitter to vent their anger.  Luckily, the in-house social media team of @O2 were waiting, with some rather hilarious responses.

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MaKey MaKey Lets You Turn Everyday Objects Into Touchpads

Have you ever played Super Mario Bros. with nothing more than Pay-Doh, played piano simply by walking up the stairs, or danced to Dance Dance Revolution by putting your feet into buckets of water? Led by the belief that 'everyone is an inventor', two graduate students from MIT's Media Lab have created a printed board that lets you turn everyday objects into touchpads. From bananas doubling up as keyboard keys, to pencilling in your very own joystick.

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Voltage Pictures Set To Sue A Further 2,514 Hurt Locker File-Sharers

It might have won Best Picture at the 2010 Oscars, over-throwing box-office behemoth Avatar, and earned critical adulation for its high-tension, nerve-shredding portrayal of a team of bomb disposal experts during the Iraq War, but Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker was far from the success its studio, Voltage Pictures, would have hoped for. Now, its makers are looking to recoup some of their earnings, filing a lawsuit at a federal court in Florida against at least 2,514 BitTorrent users in order to “compensate the studio for piracy-related losses.”

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The iPad That Fell From Space And Lived To Tell The Tale

Like it or loathe it, like a good portion of modern consumables, Apple’s iPad is far from the most robust pieces of technology, and the day it finally gives in to the strains you impart on it is something we all fear.

Where aesthetics and ergonomics often come at the cost of shock absorption and damage proofing, it’s no wonder accessory manufacturers have enjoyed terrific growth in the wake of ever more expensive, yet ever more everyday, electronic gadgets; from smartphones, to tablets and immensely popular e-book readers. Meanwhile, companies such as Motorola have built whole marketing campaigns around the ruggedness of its phones – such as in the case of its ‘Defy’ handset which was labelled, hyperbolically perhaps, as ‘life proof’.

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Study shows how to get Facebook friends. Questions power of influence

Researchers at Harvard have been analysing the reasons people are friending each other on social networks, presenting that those who share common interests in music and movies are most likely to be-friend each other.  Similar book tastes, however, do not influence this decision whatsoever.

The study analysed and collected data from a group of college students (who self-reported for the experiment) over a course of four years.

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Play Xbox 360 and PS3 games on Google Chrome

Google has successfully realised its ambitions to develop a complex browser technology that allows 'heavy duty' apps – such as Xbox 360 and PS3 games – to be run in-browser on Google Chrome.

All possible through Google's Native Client, which Google professes makes porting to Chrome relatively simple, Supergiant Games earlier today released its charming indie hit, Bastion, onto the Chrome Web Store.

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