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Ministry Of Defence uses video game tech to increase combat simulation realism

Video game-esque combat simulations are nothing new in military training; but the MoD's war games have been turned down by recent trainees due to them not being realistic enough.

Turns out that compared to the visual quality of your standard war FPS games like Call of Duty have one-upped what was being used to train the fresh recruitsat the Ministry of Defence.  With this in mind, significant upgrades have been made to its simulations, in order to bring them up to par with the aforementioned console titles.

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All our Google Mail dreams come true with upgrades

The new-look Gmail, wich Google accidentally told Mashable about last week, is now rolling out to all users, and my filters have never looked so good.

Google officially made the announcements via a blog post today, giving users greater control over how their service looks.  From three settings of email density (Comfortable, Cozy and Compact) to dragging sidebars to cater your perfect size of the particular sectors, and choosing from a selection of high-resolution backgrounds, the design conscious kind have been taken care of.

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