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Researchers Say Action-Packed Videogames Help Dyslexia

According to a new study in the latest issue of Current Biology, action-packed videogames with absolutely no reading or linguistic elements whatsoever can actually improve the reading ability of children with dyslexia. Using Rayman Raving Rabbids as the game of choice, the study suggests that dyslexia not only effects the linguistic centers of the brain, but also areas of the brain which govern attention and motor skills as well.

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Connecticut Town Holds Drive To Collect And Destroy Violent Video Games

In the wake of the school shooting in Newtown, a town in Connecticut is hosting a "Violent Video Games Return Program" to collect and destroy these titles.  Despite the name, this extends to all types of violent media, and the local Chamber of Commerce will give a $25 gift certificate in return for any submissions.  

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Move Over OnLive & Gaikai. A New Cloud-Based Gaming Provider Emerges.



Betamax versus VHS, VideoCD (VCD) versus DVD, HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray – the noted format wars of old have all arisen through a combination of technological and sociological factors. The ‘Videotape Wars’ of the 70’s was driven by companies’ hopes to find a standardised media format for recording TV. The dawn of the digital video era was contested between the cost-effective VCD and the superior quality of the DVD, while the transition to high-definition played host to the one of the fiercest format wars in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray’s tussle for supremacy. Now, we think we’ve found the cloud-gaming equivalent. 

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Game of the Week: Forza Motorsport 4

Videogames’ self-proclaimed “silly season” is finally here. The drought of game releases over the summer period has come to an end; nights are drawing in, the temperature is moving closer to zero, and the release calendar is stuffed to capacity. But where best to place your hard-earned cash? Distancing ourselves from hyperbolic hype speak and unreachable expectations, what should you really be investing your time into? Over the coming weeks, allow New Rising Media to round-up the week’s freshest, most tantalising new releases.

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Editorial: No Gabe. The world is not under threat from curation. We were never open to begin with.

"Innovation is threatened."  "People's access is controlled."  "The world seems to be moving away from open platforms."  Strong words from Valve Boss, Gabe Newell at Seattle TechNW conference.

These were directed at Apple's choice of app curation over open-source values.  The argument here is that as we lose our open-ness in the face of the App Store phenomenon the opportunity of innovation and our sense of choice goes with it.  However, everything everywhere is curated so really, is this a bad thing?    

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