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The Channel 13 Facebook Hoax. Your Data Is Never Private

So many of you have probably seen long Facebook statuses talking about 'Channel 13,' proclaiming that Facebook cannot use any of their profile data. I've seen a lot of our readers jump on this train, so it's time to set the record straight. This is a hoax, which has been around for more than a couple of years. And the fact you're posting it is ironically making your online information more public.

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Dutch Engineer Takes To The Skies On Custom-Built 'Human Birdwings'

The tale of Daedalus and Icarus engineering two pairs of flying wings out of feathers and wax to escape exile imprisonment at the hands of King Minos is one likely familiar to you all. Icarus might have ultimately failed in his attempt to save himself by flying too close to the sun – upon melting the wax that affixed feathers to his arms - but we humans seem to be fascinated by the idea of real human flight, outside of twin-engines and rocket-powered boosters of course. It’s an almost romanticised idea, being able to stretch your arms and go wherever you so choose, ill-constrained by gravity rooting you to terra firma. If a viral video is to be believed however, it is possible and Belgian engineer Jarno Smeets has achieved it.

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Le internet Medley. 40+ memes. 1 music video

The title sums up what it is very nicely.  The song and visual attraction would have to be the fact that this seems to be a music video for the internet troll in us.  The GAG Quartet's most recent song, Le internet Medley, posted on Wednesday, contains over 40 memes, which have already been listed by one guy...but we're not going to link it.  We'd rather you take a shot at identifying them all from 'Forever alone' to the Dramatic Chipmunk.  Meme's have been somewhat a favourable past-time for us here, so please enjoy.  Y U NO WATCHING THIS ALREADY.

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