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What happens if you give a GoPro to a Jedi? Magic happens.

As a reader of this website, chances are you've dreamed of being a Jedi at some point in your life. The over-the-top lightsaber battles, repelling stormtrooper blaster fire, using the force to take out your foes. It's all one amazing pipe dream, but YouTuber Bill Parker has created this great creative video of a Jedi strapping a GoPro to himself and fighting the Empire in the desert.

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Nine-Year-Old Boy Builds Arcade Out Of Cardboard

Caine Monroy is a nine-year-old boy who spent his summer building an arcade in his Dad's used auto parts store.  The meticulous attention to detail, the elaborate nature of the system, the complexities of the games, all of it is nothing short of amazing.

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Own The Whole Of Youtube On DVD

Youtube has become one of the primary spaces on the internet for anything on the wide ranging spectrum from visual education to procrastination.  The service has it all, except for an offline counterpart when, God forbid, your internet connection goes down.  Well fear no more kind sir/madam, as on April 1st Youtube has officially announced The Youtube Collection.

Simple. Economical. Convenient.  A whole new way to enjoy the videos you love.

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Dutch Engineer Takes To The Skies On Custom-Built 'Human Birdwings'

The tale of Daedalus and Icarus engineering two pairs of flying wings out of feathers and wax to escape exile imprisonment at the hands of King Minos is one likely familiar to you all. Icarus might have ultimately failed in his attempt to save himself by flying too close to the sun – upon melting the wax that affixed feathers to his arms - but we humans seem to be fascinated by the idea of real human flight, outside of twin-engines and rocket-powered boosters of course. It’s an almost romanticised idea, being able to stretch your arms and go wherever you so choose, ill-constrained by gravity rooting you to terra firma. If a viral video is to be believed however, it is possible and Belgian engineer Jarno Smeets has achieved it.

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Flaws Of Star Wars Episode One Lightsaber Battle Exposed

The primary reason why The Phantom menace has been the most antagonised film of the Star Wars saga has been because of Jar Jar.  That is until now, as this video points out how downright ridiculous Darth Maul, Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn look and perform in their final light saber battle.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Demands A #Penny4NASA To Dream For The Future

The final mission of the space program, launched in July 8th 2011, left a significant void in the hearts and minds of anybody who was fascinated by the discoveries of the world beyond our own.  But Ph.D astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has begged to differ, claiming that America's encouragement and interest in space exploration has been slowly dying off way before the previous manned spaceflight.

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iPad 3 Concept Uses Retina Display And 3D Holograms

Ahead of the iPad announcement on March 7, Aatma Studios have released an iPad 3 concept features video, with retina display and the use of 3D holographics and table projections. 

The first extravagant conceptual design choice to immediately take note of is the use of an edge-to-edge display measured at 2560x1140 pixels (a.k.a 'retina').  With the complete surface being a screen, alluding to a larger display, the entire front panel works as the home button to the user.

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A 'Back To The Future' Hoverboard That Actually Hovers

So not too long ago, Mattel officially announced the release of their hoverboard which featured in Back to the Future II, giving many-a-nerd such as myself a profound sense of pride.  Not so impressed that it doesn't actually hover though; but that's where one genius has brought us closer to the realisation of our dream.

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Microsoft Burns Google With 'Googlighting' Video


They issued a press-beatdown around Google's change in privacy policy, and now they're back for round two, taking a swing at Google Apps: described as "what happens when the world's largest advertising business tries to sell productivity software on the side."

The video, titled 'Googlighting' stars the rather clumsily named "Googen Apperson," who is applying for a job at what seems to be a large business.  However, throughout the interview, he fails to answer key questions about functionality in Google Apps that feature in Microsoft's counterparts, meaning he fails in his escapades.

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What Happens To Your Digital Life When You Die?

The after-thought of your mortality: all of your social profiles and cloud stored items create the sum of one digital personification of the self.  What happens to this when you die?

This has been something that Life Insurance Finder have been exploring rather thoroughly recently, and after releasing their blogazine on the matter not too long ago, they've delved further into the matter with a video infographic.

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iPhone 4 Vs HTC Desire HD. Which Makes A Better Skipping Stone?

So we look at smartphone comparisons on Youtube, and they cover the usual suspects of specifications: camera, speed, build quality, etc.  The last thing we (and probably you) expected to see was a test of just how well these handsets skip across a lake.

That's exactly what this Chinese fellow did on Youtube.

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An Interview with Brad Hansen

You may know him more for two particular viral videos that go by the names of 'The Lion King Rises' and 'WALL-ETHEUS.'  With the rather novel idea of syncing the audio of all-new movie trailers to the scenes of those that fit in an almost oxymoronic way, Brad Hansen has recently received massive viral success.  

Surpassing a million hits within seven days, we had to talk to him and find out more.  How does he create these mash-up trailers?  What else does he do besides these creations?  And just how does one connect a children's film with the audio of something less...youthful?  


As Brad allows us insight into the conceptualising process, "First I find a new trailer that people are really interested in. Then I just think about what characters, themes, and visuals seem to match up well, that would make an interesting counterpoint. If I can also think of a clever title spoof, then I know I'm in good shape!"

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Real-life model Wipeout circuit powered by levitation. Real or fake?

We're not quantum physicists by any stretch of the imagination, but what we are is keen admirers of truly breathtaking science...especially when it recreates the same sort of racing you'd find in Sony's futuristic racer, Wipeout.

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