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US Army Tests 50 Billion Watt Lightning Bolt Laser Weapon

Imagine a weapon capable of firing 50 billion watt-powered laser-guided lightning bolt targets at enemies, and able to put out more power during the duration of the laser pulse than what a large city needs. While that might sound reminiscent of advanced warfare videogame or high-concept blockbuster, the device is in fact entirely real and has already been through extensive testing by the US armed forces.

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How Neuroscience Might Define A New Age Of Warfare
In what sounds only fit for the pages of a high-concept Tom Clancy novel, experts have speculated on what shape the future of military conflict might take if current advances in neuroscience continue to break new ground. Experts revealed how it might be possible to direct energy weapons that use wave beams to cause pain and distress to its target, pilot drone aircraft directly with the human brain, or use ‘electrical brain stimulation’ to boost a solider’s combat abilities. They also divulged how advances made in neuroimaging could potentially be used by military recruitment officers to ‘screen’ hopefuls with only the most desirable of attributes.
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