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'ZTV - The Zombie Network.' Creator Of 'Power Rangers' Kickstarts new TV Show

The Zombie Apocalypse is all but played out in modern media; but even we were curious to find out about an undead blend of 'The Walking Dead' and '30 Rock,' created by the mind behind popular 90s children's show 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.'  TV Sitcom 'ZTV - The Zombie Network' looks to fill this void, pledging to Kickstarter for funding.

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Hyundai Introduces The World's First Zombie-Proof Car

There are a few essential items you'll likely need to acquire when the zombie apocalypse hits. Cricket bat a la Shaun of the Dead? Perhaps. A lifetime supply of Super Noodles for the inevitable starvation period? Most probably. But when it comes to getting away from the hordes of undead roaming the streets, there's little else out there that can match the brute strength and zombie-bashing capabilities of a zombie-proof car.

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