UK ISPs Told Adverts Need To Feature Clearer Pricing

If you live in the UK, chances are you've seen Broadband internet advertised for a small amount per month, followed by the smallest text highlighting the monthly line charge of £12.99. This is a clear deception, and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) agrees. New guidelines have been set up to stop ISPs hiding their service and line costs.

This action comes after a study by communications watchdog Ofcom, which found that 81% of people were unable to correctly calculate the total cost of their broadband contract when asked. Plus nearly two-thirds couldn't keep track of one-off and on-going costs after the set introductory period expires.  A grand total of 4.3 million Brits are thought to not know the real cost of their broadband.

From May 30th, that won't be the case anymore. ASA will ask providers such as BT, Virgin Media and Sky, to bundle all the costs (line rental fees, set up costs and the monthly price) are included in one monthly price. Of course, the ASA can only suggest, but if companies don't abide they will risk breaking the UK advertising code.

Thank goodness.