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Infographic of the day: The Science of Peer Pressure
We've all been in that position as socially awkward individuals: wanting to win in the social setting by caving into what the majority think instead of sticking out like a metaphorical sore thumb.  But what biological process occur to get to this decision of keeping to the codes and conventions.  It turns into an infograph-ad for One block off the grid's solar energy plans; but it also pushes across the science of peer pressure in social norm marketing: breaking the pseudo-norms, being the individual or the aforementioned metaphorical sore thumb is what we like.  Our infographic of the day.
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Infographic of the day: The History of Beer
So after various Twitter debates and blogging I like to sit down with a Beer, and I'm pretty sure many of you do too.  But what about the history of the wonderful beverage?  Where did those drinks on tap and reduced in price for the masses on a student night actually originate?  Find out in our Infographic of the day, courtesy of 600series design.
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Infographic of the day: The Dark side of Halloween
So we've helped you out with your costume, showed you the scariest thing you could watch on the internet, and found the perfect horror film festival for Halloween; but through the 99.9% of the festivities that are clean and fun, there's been a side to the night embellished in crime and paranoia.  It seems a strange thing to make an infographic about; but here's our pick of the day, courtesy of Halloween Express.  Let's hope everyone has a safe Halloween.
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Infographic of the day: Facebook by the numbers

You likely know that Facebook is the world’s largest social network with more than 800 million users. But what about how many people look at their ex's Facebook profiles?  The amount of people that play Facebook?  Or how many links about sex are shared?

Check out what makes Facebook and its users tick with our Infographic of the day.  Thanks Mashable!


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Infographic of the day: A Costume for every era

Struggling with what to wear for Halloween?  Your choice of attire to Halloween at Rock City being a brain-teaser?  Facing a writers block-esque sensation of selecting appropriate costume for the Lincoln Halloween weekend befuddling you?  We'd like to help!  Here's a costume for every era of history all the way up to the 2010s, courtesy of Halloween express.

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Infographic of the day: iPod and iTunes Timeline
It's true what is said, the transforming of data into presentation can be done to a point that it begins to look like art.  This is a prime example of this.  Displaying the key items in the timeline of the iPod hardware and the iTunes software which integrated with it.  A clock chart iconifies all the key time landmarks, along with a few key facts about downloads and sales at the bottom.  An ideal output of the numbers from the Steve Jobs era of Apple products.  Thanks Filip Chudzinski!
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Infographic: Awesome workplaces in Silicon Valley

So what would be the perks of landing a job at the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter or Linkedin?

All the havoc of receiving flak about the Facebook Timeline getting you down?  How about club massages?  Or what about if the contradictions about Google+ make you sad?  Go hit the rock-climbing wall!  Or maybe even when promoted tweets start to make little-to-no sense?  Why not go grab free haircuts and car washes?  

And what about when you need to take time out of the busy lifestyle to eat?  Since the regular cafeteria burgers is never enough, celebrate the gift of expense with the top chefs in silicon valley cooking you fine European cuisine (this is the U.S. transcript, we on the other hand fail to see the 'fine-ness' of European cooking).  Along with videogames, field trips, games of baseball and ping-pong to tap off what can only be described as the perfect day of work.  See our infographic of the day for more, courtesy of Resumebear.

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Infographic of the day: What the tech!?
So how are people reacting to the iPhone 4S?  You know, now that we've both hated and loved it, then ended in a mutual state of disdain.  What people move to a DVD subscription model or the web streaming alternative?  Will you buy the Kindle Fire?  And if possible, would you go back to the previous Facebook layout?  The results are both surprising and totally expected in our infographic of the day, courtesy of
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Infographic of the day: Facebook FAIL
We know the routine by now: Facebook changes something, we hate it, and then we get used to it.  But what about the ones that really did fail, and disappeared before long?  What about the ones that were too late to actually make sense as an addition?  Or the ones that were just downright retarded?  Courtesy of Wordstream, our infographic of the day goes into many failed projects that you may have forgotten about: Facebook Lite, Gifts, and (God Forbid) The Facebook deals.  Check it out!
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Infographic of the day: The economics of social gaming
Social gaming is a phenomenon that has really come by surprise to the general public (angry birds being the perfect example), springboarding to become massive off the back of social networking.  But how much is the industry worth nowadays?  How much is it to buy a social game development company?  And just how many people have bought virtual gifts?  This is what our infographic of the day, by Mashable, answers.
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Infographic of the day: Online Fundraising visualized
It's quite easy to see how much of a daunting task encouraging online participators to give charitably online is at times; but in the times when it's promoted just right, how much do people contribute?  Who donates more out of Windows and Mac Users? Or maybe by choice of browser? Or by medium of communicating your message?  Our infographic of the day, courtesy of
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Infographic of the day: Sharing Trends based on 5 years
Welcome to the Panopticon.  Different statistics of your social habits have been analysed and presented in this infographic, courtesy of Clearspring technologies and AddThis.  Different burning questions in social media are answered: When are people most likely to share content on the web? How do they prefer to share it? What services are they sharing to most frequently?
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