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The Boston Boys - Keep You Satisfied EP Review

The Boston Boys are an up and coming mix of classic folk rock with an electric feel, shown in their recent release Keep You Satisfied. Forming as a quartet while attending Berklee in Boston, Massachusetts in 2009, the electric bluegrass style of music is a great fit for any fans of Mumford & Sons.

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#NRMPresents 'TouchKeys.' Multi-Touch Gestures For Your Piano

For the past few centuries, the piano has been commonplace in music.  During this same period of time, the instrument hasn't really evolved either.  Well that is until now, as the 'Touch Keys' DIY sensor kit brings touch sensitivity to the surface of piano keys, similar to the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

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Twitter Unveils New #Music App For iPhone And Web

Twitter has officially the launched the much anticipated 'Twitter #Music,' its new music discovery and streaming app.  This new service pulls trending data from both your followers and the wider community to make tailored music recommendations to you.  Currently available on iOS or through the browser at, it is currently not available for Android.

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Bonobo - The North Borders Review


As per usual for UK electronic artist Bonobo, The North Borders starts off extremely well. 'First Fires' punctuates a beautifully understated vocal performance from Grey Reverend with submerged synth droplets and fleeting, glacial, ASMR inducing pads -- all enhanced by a confident and generous allowance for negative space that seems to only come with experience. In terms of perfect intros, it almost stacks up to the double barrelled future classic of Prelude/Kiara from 2010's Black Sands. Unfortunately, in this case there isn't a whole lot of interest that follows.


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The Bronx - The Bronx IV Review

The Bronx’s sound has always been as close to the Platonic form of the rock n’ roll spirit as you can get; the perfect accompaniment to drinking, driving off ramps, gambling, mainlining coke, filibustering, tattooing yourself, shooting the most phallic of guns, fist-fighting and fucking, all at the same time (but maybe not with the same person for those last two).

With their fourth eponymous LP and first release in five years, the L.A punks have made a push towards more melodic territory, without compromising on their totally unique character.

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Yo La Tengo - Fade Review


Yo La Tengo's thirteenth LP is permeated with startling confidence and clarity, unpretentious in its accessibility and masterful in the art of understatement.

Opening track 'Ohm' is a bright, dreamlike anthem that gradually layers simple, subtly evolving elements which amount to a psychedelic crescendo in slow-motion. 'Cornelia and Jane', another standout, sees Georgia Hubley's gentle falsetto vocals drift over guitar melodies reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie's Translantacism. It's all very soothing, like a day at Centre Parcs without the extortion. 

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Robotic Band 'Compressorhead' Is The Literal Definition Of Heavy Metal

Presenting Compressorhead: a three-piece robotic heavy metal band, who have taken the world of "meatbags" on YouTube by storm with their cover of Motörhead’s "Ace of Spades."  The technology that allows each of these robots to play the music you see is nothing short of amazing.

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New Rising Media Christmas Gift Guide: Music

The standard music recommended in Christmas gift guides across the globe can get rather dire. A selection of albums from the most commercialised of "talent," which quickly loses all musical value in a storm of stereotypical song structure and torrenting.  With that in mind, we've counted down the Top 25 albums of this year, all of which will make a great present in both physical or downloaded form.

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Guns Transformed Into Musical Instruments


Artist Pedro Reyes has used a large cache of weapons to build a selection of musical instruments. Called Imagine, this project was made using confiscated guns, which were publicly destroyed by the Mexican Government as an anti-violence statement.  To further communicate this message, Reyes has turned to the world of musical instruments and Rage Against The Machine.

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Damson Twist Bluetooth Speaker Hands On At Gadget Show Live Christmas
We've seen many speakers that utilise the concept of resonating through a surface to emit sound over this last year.  So much so, that we fear it may become nothing more than a party trick: the one 'sexy' moment of a gadget, which seen and used once when received as a gift.  The one fear, after seeing this influx, is this technology going the way of the 'iPod' into 'Christmas stocking-filler' territory.  As it's quite an innovative space.
With the Damson Twist, I'm not worrying anymore.
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