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Sony and Disney Start Streaming Films Still In Cinemas

No industry resists change like the film industry, millions have been spent over the decades to keep the silver screen away well away from our familiar four walls. Sony and Disney have boldly moved into the unknown, piloting a trial that allows the residents of South Korea to watch on demand some films that are still being shown in the theatres.

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'Star Wars Rebels' New Animated Series For 2014

Production has now begun on Star Wars Rebels, an animated TV series due to premiere on Disney Channel next year. The programme will be set between the events of Episode III and IV of the Star Wars series, a gap of almost twenty years with plenty of scope for excitement and adventure - though of course, the details are all very hush-hush.

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Teenager Builds Incredible Iron Man Suit For $500

17 year old Archie Whitehead has just finished his first big project: a homemade Iron Man suit. And it looks super cool.

Archie, a student from the London area, based his design on 3D plans he found on the internet and a ton of reference images.  Everything other than the helmet is made from foam and was put together in just four months, but to look at it you certainly couldn't tell.

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'Wish I Was Here.' Zach Braff Turns To Kickstarter To Seek Funding For 'Garden State' Follow Up

Zach Braff, most famously known for his role as JD from Scrubs, has launched a Kickstarter project to seek funding for his next movie, titled Wish I Was Here. After writing, directing and starring in cult classic Garden State, Braff is looking to follow-up the success and creative freedom of this by turning to the crowdfunding platform.

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Harrison Ford Confronts Chewbacca On Jimmy Kimmel. Dodges 'Star Wars' Questions

After Harrison Ford was confirmed to reprise his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars sequel, alot of questions have been asked.  This anticipation was turned into a rather amusing comedy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live, including a man in Princess Leia cosplay and a love triangle with Chewbacca.

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Star Wars Episode VII Parody Adds Disney Magic To The Galaxy Far Far Away

YouTube filmmaker Sam Macaroni has put together a vision of what may be in for Star Wars Episode VII, now that Disney has bought the franchise, titled 'Return of the Empire.'

Opinion on the new owners of Star Wars has been split amongst fans of the film - some are elated at the prospect of another movie, whilst others are terrifed at the thought of what Disney might do to this much-loved epic.

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Oz: The Great and Powerful Review

Over 70 years after The Wizard of Oz was first released, a prequel to that film has finally been made to show us of what Oz was like before Dorothy was ever born; to tell us how The Wizard first arrived and got into power, to inform us of what he was really like, and perhaps most importantly, to enlighten us to how the Wicked Witch became so wicked in the first place.'s okay.

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