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One Step Closer To A Healthcare Breakthrough... Indian DNA Fills Gap In Worldwide Genomics Data

Global Gene Corp and GA4GH (Global Alliance for Genomics and Health) are delighted to announce the launch of ggINDIA, the first ever beacon for Indian genomics data. This Beacon joins those already on the Wellcome Genome Campus supplied by EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. I will get the obvious question out the way - what on Earth is genomics data? Let's find out...

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Light-Based Neural Network Could Be The Future Of Super-Fast AI Brains

While we can create computers that behave like brains, conventional circuitry means they will never perform as quickly as the sophisticated human neural network. 

But Princeton researchers may have just solved this future and paved the future for this big area of research - creating the world’s first Light-based Neural Network.

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New Photos Allow Us To Figure Out How Solar Wind Works

Heard of solar wind? It’s a constant stream of ionized gas ejecting from the sun, becoming more turbulent and destructive the further away from the sun they get. It was discovered in 1958 and we still know very little about it. Thankfully, NASA’s at it again with the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) proving once and for all that silly abbreviations don’t just exist in fiction.

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