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Statement Of Ethical Principles


These pre-determined principles are a model against which the news and editorial team of New Rising Media agree to abide by.  We believe in maintaining the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, and these principles outline our standards.  We ensure quality and integrity in our reporting.

  1. We do not personally sell and endorse companies or products.  This is key to our impartiality.  
  2. Our main source of revenue is through advertising, and we do not accept money or other consideration from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, whether positive or negative, on New Rising Media.  We will endeavor to clearly mark any advertisement or "infomercial" (videos, Flash animations, etc.) shown on New Rising Media as an advertisement.
  3. Any items, gifts (or "swag" as it's called in the industry) that we receive for free from companies or their PR firms are given away to our readers on the website.  This is done because of three reasons: our journalistic credibility could be compromised in such a situation, after we've given our feedback it's going to be better promotional practice for these items to be in the hands of a possible brand advocate, and we're nice people who would like to thank you all for reading our stories with free stuff.
  4. New Rising Media uses a variety of sources to obtain news and content for the website.  We have an obligation to honour the anonymity of sources, if they request it.  Please note that our general policy is that we do not provide compensation for tips.
  5. Companies may loan units, products or samples to our editors for a given period of time in order for our staff to review such samples and determine whether we will provide a review of the product on New Rising Media.  Please note that companies may provide these samples before the product is commercially available, in which case, we may agree to an embargo with the company or its PR firm. This means we agree not to publish the review until a given time. Most of the time (as in the case of laptops, for example) the review units are returned promptly for any due date discussed with the company or its PR firm.  Occasionally, we may request to retain a product beyond the stipulated review period (agreed upon by the editor and company or its PR representatives) for extended reviews.  Situations such as the release of add-on content for games, or software updates for mobile phones which significantly alter the user experience.  This is to give people a clearer picture about the company's product. Our policy is that the review unit may not be used as a personal product of a staff member, except during the pre-determined review period.  Occasionally, we decide to review something which has not been provided to us by a company. In this case, a writer will either purchase the product for themselves (we're massive nerds after all), or New Rising Media will purchase the product for the team.
  6. From time to time, New Rising Media will conduct contests and giveaways for readers on the site. We will post rules for each contest, which will be binding on contestants who decide to participate. Giveaways of products are not, and should never be considered, endorsements of the companies involved or their products.
  7. We do not permit the use of celebrity endorsements or testimonials, although celebrities may be mentioned or interviewed if they are bona fide users of a product.
  8. Our editorial content is written by the individuals who contribute to New Rising Media, and represent the opinions and views of solely the writer.  We strive to clearly mark any editorial content as individual opinion, and should not be construed as an opinion of New Rising Media as a whole.

These principles are forever changing; developing as New Rising Media progresses.  At this point in time, we think these are the best ways to conduct ourselves.  If you have any further questions or suggestions for extra principles to maintain the credibility that we strive for, contact us here.