This week at the Broadway...

Our pick of the best films this week that you may not have heard of; but really should watch.

Midnight in Paris: Usually, anything with Owen Wilson is taken with caution; but this time (as it's not Shanghai Knights) we're willing to make an exception.  Screenwriter Gil is captivated with excitement and nostalgia on his vacation in Paris paid for by the in-laws-to-be, whereas his fiancée Inez doesn't exactly share the same enthusiasm.  In this time, Gil discovers the fascinating nightlife in the city of lights.  Woody Allen's latest comedy provides culture, Parisien living, love, and the turmoil of an artist choosing between his dreams and reality.  Definitely one to watch.

The way: A real heartwarming tale, which is really difficult to find in today's cinematic output.  After the sudden death of his globe-trekking son, Daniel, Tom flies to the Pyrenees to collect his body. Upon arriving within the treacherous conditions, he decides to complete Daniel’s journey, scattering his son’s ashes along the 800km Way Of St. James, a pilgrim’s path which becomes a life-changing experience.  A fantastic film.