Four Seasons review

Metro-Boulot-Dodo's Four Seasons project hits one city in it's entirety: a world first, and we were there to take a look around. 

You can easily identify the theatrical roots of the artists through the interactive participation in the dilectible smorgas board of sights and sounds.  On the face of it, the interwoven plot is a really simple (if slightly generic) tale of love and loss.  However, it is the artistic intricacies, visual and audio pragmatics, and the all round "different" way of telling the story that makes this one truly individual experience that you simply must immerse yourself in.  From the innocence of Spring to the cold realisations of Winter (and the shock twist at the end), the tale of Penny is basic; but fantastical in execution. 9

The exhibit will be running through to the 29th October, read here for information.  And check out our photo gallery.