Sean Parker at Web Summit 2.0

Spotify investor and ex-president of Facebook Sean Parker spoke out at the Web Summit 2.0 conference yesterday, raising interesting points about the music industry and social media as a whole.

"We're all trying to figure out what is that Music Industry.  And the guys at the record labels...are just as confused as we are."  He starts to state, as he talks of the limitations of physical music retail removed by digital distribution, and the promotional techniques expanding massively.  "All of these departments within the record industry don't really make sense anymore."  

Shortly after the music discussion (fast forward to 15:45 for the social media discussion), Federated Media editor John Battelle doesn't pull any metaphorical punches: "Facebook has taken the mantel that seems to be passed over each few years as a company that's seen as creepy.  Is this a concern that people should not have?"

After attempting to dodge the answer, reminding us he is a major shareholder in the social network, Sean then offers another of his classic quips.  “Look: There’s good creepy and there’s bad creepy,” he said. “Today’s creepy is tomorrow’s necessity.”

He continues to explain his opinion on Facebook and issues with the system.  "I think Facebook's biggest problem is the glut of information that power users are overwhelmed with...Power users have gone to Twitter or Google+."  At this point, we'd disagree.  Information is curated (even for power users) based off their most interacted friends, and the idea of an overload is something that's non-existent, as chances are given the choice between G+ and Facebook you'd probably choose both.  Or maybe you'll set up a G+ and stop using it.

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