The Gadget Show shoots back at FPS players with simulator

Everybody's looking for more realism nowadays in their video games, and this is done primarily through simulators.  Since we've grown tired of racing simulators, The Gadget Show are looking beyond the traditional bunch of branded peripherals and teabaggings of the FPS genre to bring you the simulator you've been waiting for.

A team of design experts transformed a Birmingham studio into one of the best ways to play a pre-release level of Battlefield 3 (some may be disappointed that it's not MW3), by hooking it up to a simulator experience costing a cool £500,000 (pocket change). 

A four by nine meter video dome surrounds the player, standing on an omni-directional treadmill to navigate in any direction you'd want to go.  Ten infra-red motion tracking cameras and a sensor on your gun enables the picture to follow where you point it, and a hacked Kinect senses your jumping and crouching. 

And, possibly the piece de resistance of the experience, the simulator is armed with 12 paintball guns to hit you whenever you're shot.  All fun and games!  The show airs October 24th at 8:00pm on Channel 5.  Check out the trailer below.