Skyrim Live Action Trailer makes Monday night awesome

Says it all in the title really.  We're never content with three awesome ads.  Forza Motorsport 4 with Jeremy Clarkson on vocals?  Sony's dedication to gamers?  ASUS taking a little too much influence from Michael Bay?  Please, don't waste my time when I could be watching a village under seige by a dragon.

With Skyrim being released in just under a month, anticipation has begun to well and truly skyrocket here.  Bethesda has drip fed us gameplay videos showcasing the downright jawdropping graphics and environments, as well as improved gameplay.  However, for the newest trailer, they've gone for the live action option.  We may be seeing a slight trend emerging of what kind of adverts work; but until the recipe becomes stale, God damn it's so cool!

With a little orchestral nod to the random low note that pops in every 4 beats of Inception, the warrior stands up to a dragon.  If we weren't excited before, you can guarantee we are now, and so should you.