Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception review

Uncharted 3 isn't one to reinvent the wheel, and for that it feels as if it somewhat lacks the sheer determination of the predecessor's incessant urge to completely immerse you around every single corner.  However, this doesn't discount that Naughty Dog continue to prove that they arethe masters of their craft.  Something with this much direction and pitch-perfect fluency reminds onesself of the trilogy finishers that provide utterly satisfying final acts: Toy Story 3, Return of the King, Return of the Jedi.  Subtle nuances of character animation and dialogue, compared with the ultimately succinct gameplay experience throughout the entirety of the eight-hour campaign provide plenty of Michael Bay-esque moments to make, overally, a fun game.  Which is what we all want in the end.  For perfection, go see Batman instead9