Microsoft predicts the future

Taking augmented reality to a whole new level, Microsoft has laid out its vision for the next few years, and for nerds (us and you, dear reader) it's amazing.

Save & CloseBlasting straight by XP being the most used OS, taking cues from the likes of Minority Report and showing a future of interconnected technologies where, literally, everything is a gadget of some variety.  

A pulsing soundtrack of electronica synth accompanies you through the day in the life of a business woman: booking appointments and helping her daughter with homework, alongside a man in Hong Kong taking the subway to work.

We may spot the issues about the distraction of tech; but these sort of ideas are just downright awesome.  From the Smart Eyeglasses, interactive video billboards, Smart business cards and Intelligent car passenger windows to the Wired chalkboards and interactive paper (and everything inbetween), this takes cues from all those Sci-fi movies that have all the small details about consumer tech futures that are actually better than the films themselves.  The lads at Redmond have done well demonstrating a possible future of the digital lifestyle.  And we really love the infographic style OS on the phone.  

The video, produced by Microsoft’s Office unit with a special thanks to General Motors, is a sequel to last year’s Microsoft in 2019, below.