Battlefield 3 review

If you've managed to skip by the HD texture install issue on the 4GB 360, then you will be treated to one of the greatest first person visual feasts this year.

With the extremely flat story, you might as well shout America all the way through it's that patriotic, and actually rather dumb in it's construction (takes the Black Ops format (doesn't carbon copy it) of interrogatory flashbacks leading to a climactic twist which doesn't actually explain anything and leaves it open ended for sequels.  But you're not concerned with that as the whole world cascades down on you in a celebration of firepower and an orgy of destruction.  It's a dilectible visual smorgas board of combat and the grace of raw energy.

The multiplayer has managed to capture the essence that maintained the extremely long playtime value of the Call of Duty series and exploit it into some generic but extremely well executed online firefights.  The ergonomically succinct control form brings forward your interface with the game to make for some truly tense moments of multiplayer gameplay on a fantastic set of maps.  

This puts the game in an interesting position: it's not really the antithesis of Call of Duty.  It doesn't propose a contradictory; but rather a complimentary (if you are greedy of course).  They have presented a formidable competitor to Infinity Ward's efforts, which we are yet to see. 9