iPhone 4S announced

It was confirmed by Apple Japan earlier in the conference; but the official announcement has just finished.  iPhone 4S for October 14th.  No iPhone 5.  Never before has that "there's got to be something more" emotion that is felt by the people visiting an Apple keynote been so abundantly obvious as it has now.  The specs bring it back the iPhone back into contention with the major android releases: dual-core processor, 8mp camera, etc etc.  There is to be a 64gb version as well, with prices starting at $199 for the 16gb and a hundred dollars for double the memory respectively; but we're not hearing any of this.  

It's a great phone, and I'll most probably get one; but they should've just called it the iPhone 5 and they wouldn't be facing such negative publicity.  Simply put, there isn't anything revolutionary...the same as last year...and the one before that.