Editorial: You hate the iPhone 4S because of things other than the iPhone 4S

So everyone hasn't been too happy with Apple's announcement last night (even we weren't).  iPhone 4S hasn't been well received in a wave of "minor upgrade" rants and "the death of Apple" claims; but the hatred isn't felt because of the Phone itself.  After writing our rant, we realise our feelings untoward it aren't all that negative at all.  It is the 3GS to the 3G, and I had no problem with that at all.  The reason is more metaphorical.

If there is one thing that was removed indefinitely from this (and all future) Apple Keynotes, it's the patented 'reality distortion field' pioneered by ex-CEO Steve Jobs.  If this device was presented by himself, the idea of no external alteration along with a minor interior upgrade would've been hailed as the new pinnacle of cellular telephones.  The product became all too 'real:' embedded more within the surrounding competition, rather than being elevated above via claims of being a perfectly pitched medley of software and hardware.  The metaphorical impact doesn't really feel "there."  The finesse is missing.  All excitement is devoid.  It feels weird.