iPhone 4S UK Pricing

So we wanted to share with our findings, as the brain-dump that is multiple contract pricings and allowances over multiple networks has been dropped onto us this day of iPhone 4S pre-order opening.  This is, of course, if you're even going to buy it, which many of us (even us) have been skeptical about signing a long-term deal with the "3GS" of iPhone 4.  There's sim-free for all the rich folk; but here is some of our pay-monthly favourites from the networks.

O2: It has been confirmed that the new iPhone will make the October 14th release date; but no contract pricing as of yet. (asked multiple times, they're made of stone!)  Register your interest with them though to get the latest.

Orange: The more "professional" looking side of the Everything Everywhere partnership is offering both 18 and 24 month contracts on all iPhone 4S models.  Get the 16gb model free on a contract for £46, the 32gb comes without price on £61 (ouch), and you're paying at least £99 subsidy on a 64gb.  Out of the plans, we recommend paying the £100 subisdy to get a contract for £35.  See their plans.

T-mobile: Same plans as above, just with the glaze of flexible boosters.  However, there is no 18 month option, so you'll miss the eventual release of iPhone 5.  See their plans.

Three: Working a little differently, 3 offer five different payment plans ranging from £30 to £43 (none of this £61 ridiculousness).  16gb is free on most expensive contract, 32gb runs from £50 to £219, and the bohemoth that is the 64gb is subsidized from £180 up to £309 (yikes).  We recommend 32gb iPhone 4S on The One Plan for the best deal.  See their plans.

Vodafone: A 12 month plan.  Thats all you need to know, as that's the one we'd heartily recommend if you feel the need for an upgrade.  They may come with massive price subsidies for the phones (from £319 for the 16gb); but you'll be ready for the iPhone 5.  See their plans.