Go behind the scenes with Google's Think Insights

Ever been curious about people's search habits around Google?  How many videos are watched on Youtube? How many blogs are posted in a day?  The public facing side of analytics, Think insights, came out of beta yesterday.

The primary aim behind Think Insights is to provide a centralized hub for accessing much of Google's search-related analytics and research studies, primarily for marketers and general promoters to scope out fast emerging trends with speed and ease.  But, even if you're not in the business of marketing, this is still a really interesting tool to have a look at, digging around to see real-time consumer opinion and the reems of data that Google has amassed in its time.  It's definitely pushing the 'So-Lo-Mo' definition of online activity, a.k.a Social-Local-Mobile: three pillars of Google's strategy moving forward.

You can also create charts using Google's data in seconds, which makes this not only a public feature; but also something that could be logically used in business for scoping out opportunities for SEO-improved content.  We had a go and made a chart comparing the usage of social networks on mobile phones to that on desktops.  You can go into much more detail than that though

All is done in HTML5, using the new design motif brought forward through all of the Google upgraded stylings.  Hit up the source link below to get started.

Source: Think Insights

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