Blackberry shows us the future...and it looks boring

After Microsoft showed us some rather interesting concepts in their 'Minority Report' style of the future, Blackberry just have to be the 'future vision' equivalent of that awkward guy who makes any room an uncomfortable silence of boredom.

Love touch displays?  You're going to see plenty more in what looks to be a depressing future of technology, according to RIM in these two video visions.  Can you even call them predictions?  They just seem to be the most mundane of activities and uncreative expositions of technological non-existent flair that it really makes me worry about what the Canadians see to be a progression of iteration.

And yet, we still follow these guys into the light that they call the 21st century workplace, so lets give it a fair test, what will we be doing?  Requesting app permissions at lunch, typing on a virtual keyboard (OLDANDLAME), losing our phones at a coffee shop, using augmented reality to find a new desk ( I really need to say anything about that one?), and manipulating a bunch of images that emerge out of a phone on the table in front of you.  

As opposed to the step forward Microsoft took with their treatment (even if a little too optimistic), there are absolutely no strives in technological aspiration with RIM's efforts.  Nothing that screams 'clever' or 'futuristic,' just some downright ugly UIs, features we can't even see our Nans using and some really depressed businessmen.  Welcome to the future of Blackberry!  Nothing's changed at all.