Signal Snowboards pay tribute to Steve Jobs

California based Signal Snowboards experiment with new designs and ideas every third Thursday, creating a rather popularly viral web series in the process.  This time around, they created the iShred: a custom ride with a built in iPad, to create a fitting homage to Jobs.

This was by no means a simple concept, as construction took multiple attempts and modifications to make everything work; but the design is rather ingenious.  A layer of ABS is cut to size, with an adequately sized rectangle removed to make room for the iPad to sit on top of the whole-aluminium base, removing the need for making edges, and creating a conductive charge to power LEDs that light up a logo very similar to the wi-fi icon on the top right of your screen (if you are so adventurous to have a mac).  A circuit is formed for light, rather cleverly, when the person makes contact with the foot inlets on the board.

Take a look at the building process and how it performs on the alps in the video below, along with some board Facetime.

Source: Signal Snowboards

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