Anybeat launches today

Remember that social network we reviewed a while ago that merited pseudonymity and it's unwaivering determination to not follow you around the internet like that other social network?  We were pretty favourable of it, and now it's launched today for you all to enjoy.

It may share some visual similarities to older forms of Facebook; but similarities are apparent more from the culture of forum discussion and active participation.  This is done throught the public square (we haven't stopped babbling on it yet), alongside a completely open plan structure to your date.  Privacy issues?  Sort of; but not so much, as you're not forced to disclose your name or other details, bringing back the hotmail ideology of using a pseudonym.

As people gravitate to more social networks with more social presences that follow your internet partakings, it's always good to have that one place that doesn't publicly portray your activity, and is actually a well-defined social place.

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