Playstation Home relaunches

Playstation Home is to be receiving the culminatory results of a major overhaul today.  We're looking to get genre-themed districts and freemium games...that will most probably still not be used.

Debuting in 2008, the avatar-based social network service received lukewarm critique from the press, and next-to-no audience engagement at all.  Outfit your character with gear that could be purchased, won or bundled with PS3 titles, and interact with others.  Sony made the claim that 24 million people have used the service; but statistics and actual response tell different stories, as it's never been popular.  I mean we ask you, dear reader, have you actually used Playstation Home beyond the first day it was released, trying it out as a curiosity?  Sony's hope to remedy this comes in the form of emphasising the games rather than the social communication.

Each district will access a different genre, with games for your avatar to participate in.  The "gritty urban" Action District comes with prohibition themed Bootleggers '29, Sportswalk for all your (yep, you guessed it) sports games, and the Adventure district presents a level straight from Uncharted 3.  You'll be placed in the centre of the virtual universe, The Hub, to find your own way.  

Some interesting ideas, that will probably not make centre stage, as people continue to not use real-time virtual worlds.  Watch a video walkthrough below:

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