Editorial: Stop hating, haters. Modern Warfare 3 deserves it's plaudits.

Infinity Ward has a knack for attracting controversy. Whether it’s in attracting the negative attention of the mainstream press with the unceremonious firing of ex-employees and founders Vince Zampella and Jason West, or fuelling anger with the misconceived inclusion of the now infamous ‘No Russian’ airport mass genocide. Modern Warfare 3 is no stranger to contentious issues either it seems - last week we highlighted another emotionally provocative scene in which a young girl is subject to a roadside bomb.

Just hours since its official global release, MW3 is already sparking debate amongst fans and critics alike. Despite a highly positive response from the press (see our review here), it seems that many are out to belittle what they deem is a 'milked' franchise. Of course, it'd be disingenuous to believe that there isn't a hint of staleness airing from the latest in the online FPS-defining series, but Modern Warfare 3 is, as ever, as highly accomplished as they come - bombastic, over-the-top and engrossing in every sense. 

In what can only be described as Attack Of The Fanboys, MW3 has now accumulated a whopping 273 user reviews on Metacritic, amounting to a bewildering 2.8 rating. Compare this to the 90 it holds on the critics side of the spectrum and it's easy to discern the sheer ridiculousness of the situation. To end, here's a few choice cuts of our favoured insults from the intellectuals on Metacritic.

“If you played one, you've played them all. Same thing. Get in line, everyone is buying this game. Its really sad actually” Rating: 0

“CTRL C AND CTRL V. Rename title from "modern warfare 2" to "Modern warfare 3" and you get yourself a game. Thats how modern warfare 3 was pretty much created with sounds, graphics and artwork identical not a difference to be witnessed” Rating: 0

“Jesus christ. Could Activision be any greedier? Charging full price for an mw2 expansion pack!” Rating: 1

Source: Metacritic

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