YouTube Slam asks you to cast your vote for the next viral hit

Today, YouTube has officially announced Slam, juxtaposing two videos and allowing you to cast a vote for your favourite out of them.  Think Google Slam, only bought into the YouTube era.

This represents a "video discovery experiment" for the site, to help find those videos hidden beneath the clutter that is promoted channels and paid-for viral videos, to help give the average contributor a fairer chance at the gold.  The more votes gained, the higher rank it will get and the more exposure it receives.  Categories span through music, comedy, cute, bizarre and dance, with music having been the company's first foray into the Slam idea.  Videos were selected for the face off via acoustic and visual analysis, using an algorithm to predict whether the user would like what is shown to them.

Players of Slam can gain points by correctly predicting what will be the future crowd favourites, which will stack up on a leaderboard at the end of each week to see how you did.

Want a go?  Click the source link below and get voting.

Source: Youtube Slam