Bon jovi: “Steve Jobs is Personally responsible for killing the music industry.”

So, Bon Jovi thinks the times, they are a -changing.  “Kids today have missed the whole experience of putting the headphones on, turning it up to 10, holding the jacket, closing their eyes and getting lost in an album; and the beauty of taking your allowance money and making a decision based on the jacket, not knowing what the record sounded like, and looking at a couple of still pictures and imagining it.”

To be honest, we still do this…except we turn it up to 11, and now the risk of wasting money on a bad band with a good jacket is no more, thanks to online sources giving you a preview before purchase. With the aftershock of napster (a game-changer that he failed to mention), and the looming shadow of the pirate bay (we’re all guilty of using it) overhead, the music industry was already killed and left without value.  The likes of iTunes and Spotify are picking up the pieces.

Way to bite the smaller hand that feeds you, Bon Jovi.