Happy New Year from New Rising Media!

So we wanted to wish everyone a happy new year, as we stumble into the year that the Mayans have been speculating about.  

With our re-launch, the main objective was easy to define: establish the brand and start to build a readership.  The result has been beyond anything we ever predicted, making us feel like the luckiest bunch of writers on this crazy planet called Earth.  The euphoria felt amongst the team as we see a story linked from a website, our audience members sharing alike, bigger sites who have been around much longer than us referring to our content, it's all steps of confirmation that we're going in a good direction.  We may have only a small community in the grand scheme of things (compared to sites of influence above us); but it's above and beyond all of our anticipations.

We've got big plans ahead of us for the new year: fantastic content, more exclusive articles new videos, a possible podcast, and we'd love for all you habitants of Planet Earth to join us as we continue the breakneck pace of expansion we've been seeing.  Buckle up, the next twelve months are going to be swell.

Now return to healing the hangovers.